Full Wedding Package

This is an ideal service for those who are just starting with the organization.

  • We start with a personal meeting, where we can see the style they want to give their wedding, what ideas they have, the estimated budget, and other important details.
  • We hold necessary meetings to define details.
  • Constant communication by e-mail or by phone.
  • We identify all the services you need; I provide a range of suppliers according to your budget and the advice on them for the best choice.
  • Access discounts with recognized suppliers.
  • We coordinate appointments with each vendor.
  • Schedule Payment planns.
  • Timming of the event
  • Confirmation by phone or e-mail of all the guests. (Only in Ecuador)
  • Supervision of the assembly and general details of the event from the day before the wedding.
  • The day of the wedding I´ll be with you from the hairstyle and makeup until the end of the event (see detail in package of the wedding day)

Part Wedding Package

We join the project that the couple already started, completing each remaining stage. This service is specially designed for those who already have part of the contracted services; and would like to have advice for the last stretch, the most stressful.

  • Personal meeting with the couple to know their concerns and define the details for that day.
  • Continuous advice for planning the event
  • Constant communication by e-mail or by phone.
  • Presentation of service proposals that are missing.
  • Coordination of appointments and meetings with each vendor to match the event
  • Timming of the event
  • The day of the wedding I´ll be with you from the hairstyle and makeup until the end of the event (see detail in package of the day)

Wedding Day Package

Ideal for those who have everything ready for their wedding and wish to have the professional assistance the day of your wedding.
Before the wedding

  • First appointment or meeting with the wedding planner to know all the details of the wedding.
  • Check list of what is already planned of what is still to be organized. The client is given all the knowledge and experience
  • Wedding day timming
  • Appointment with the wedding providers to agree on the logistics of the event.
  • Coordination of makeup schedules and hairstyle of the bride on the wedding day
  • Coordination of photo sessions on the day of the wedding.
  • Supervision of the assembly of the wedding and presence from the beginning of the assembly.
  • Church (Bride & Groom, parents).
  • Organization of the reception.
  • Supervision of the welcome cocktail in case of being hired.
  • Reception (seating arrangements)
  • Development of the timing of the event as established
  • Coordination of the service of each provider and monitoring of each stage of the wedding from beginning to end.
  • Ensure that suppliers provide the contracted service.
  • Supervise liquor service during the event
  • Delivery of memories in case of having them
  • Coordination of musicians (entrance, first dance, toast, etc)
  • Entertainment coordination (if there is one)
  • Availability throughout the wedding for any questions or needs
  • Coordination of the disassembly of the event with suppliers
  • Assistance to organize the lodging of your guests if there is one.I like to be able to serve you.

Why choose us?

Details that make a difference makes an event spectacular the support of a 12-year trajectory in realization of events makes it possible to share with the boyfriends their dreams and make them reality.

I have an international certification of the Union Euroamericana Event Planner and Official University diploma Wedding & Event Planner by the University of Atlantis


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